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We partner with like minded men and women around the world to make the world a better place for future generations. We offer weekly affiliate zoom meetings and as many assets as you can handle: Email scripts, social comments, webinars, influencer database, images, videos and support.

Database of Global Influencers

We are always updating our influencer list so you know exactly where to drop your comments to get people to click your links.

Multiple Programs To Use

Whether your audience is more awakened to the truth and needs law resources or they want marketing assistance, we have you covered.

Monthly Payouts

We payout all approved money once a month to those who have earned during the past 30-90 days. Paypal is the #1 option.

2-Tier Available

Reach out if you have a large audience and want to create a 2-tier structure.

Real Time Tracking

See your link clicks in real time to know who and were your links are getting traction from.

120 Days Cookie Length

Most affiliate programs only track cookies for 30 days, but your links are 4x that!

1. Multiple links for you to share:
~On-demand webinar--> $797 donation 8 week knowledge share​
~Monthly LIVE webinar --> $797 donation 8 week knowledge share
~Quarterly local Florida Event --> $797 donation 8 week knowledge share
~Pop-up Q&A Events online --> $797 donation 8 week knowledge share
~Direct link to: $797 donation 8 week knowledge share
~$297/month support group (10% monthly affiliate share! Recurring!)

2. A spreadsheet of the top 150 truthers around the world:
~Their social media links
~Their websites
~Their phone numbers
~Their mailing address

3. Images and Videos to use for all promotions

4. A link to a private telegram group only for the affiliate program.​

You can increase the 10% to 25% if you bring 250 donations at once or more.
Example: 250 donations x $797 = $199,250.
Your 25% = $49,812
(Must have the 250 donations within 7 days from launch event)